Life in
Bocas del Toro,

... where every day is an adventure ...

Welcome to everyday life in a very, very different place, where kitchen scraps go out the window, doing the dishes involves snorkeling, you visit the neigbors or go shopping by boat, dolphins wake you up, and you have to teach your puppies how to swim .

The archipelago of Bocas del Toro is located on the Carribean coast of Panama, close to the border with Costa Rica. After 3 years of working in Silicon Valley, and 4 years of travelling through Latin America, I have chosen an island in this area one of my homes.

Together with a group of Panamanians, I am running a project to reforest an old cattle farm with native hardwood species and fruit trees. The projects currently supports 5 local families. Over the next decades, it will bind tens of thousands of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Starting 25 years from now, it will provide an alternative source of lumber, saving thousands of trees in natural rainforest from being cut down.

The completely different environment provides a nice balance for my geeky day job -- software development. Being able to take a quick creative break by diving off my deck and going for a swim definitely beats fighting traffic to go to the beach. Numerous other recreation possibilities, and fresh seafood and organically grown tropical fruit keep life interesting and healthy.

I am hoping to find more like-minded people to share this lifestyle with - be it for a short visit, as a volunteer on the reforestation project or the local elementary school, to write some code, or as a permanent neighbor.

For general information on the area, the Red Frog Beach Club website has a sales video available for download; another source of information is the Bocas Marina. Information from real estate agents in Bocas del Toro is plentiful on the Web, but should be taken with a grain of salt.