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June 02, 2002

Farm Description

The farm is located at a point on a relatively large island (40 sq km). There are no roads on the island, so access is only by boat.  

The first picture shows the caretaker's house to the left, the main house on the hill, and the cabin on the water to the right. 

Most of the land are rolling hills originally used as cow pasture; about a third used to be a banana plantation. It definitely seemed overgrazed when we started but that is definitely no longer a problem.

Most of the waterfront is made up of hard coconut roots, with no dirt or sand, and has some mangrove growing along it. 

There is very nice coral on two sides of the house on the water and out from the house, the water gets deep quickly.

There is a little waterfall in the back of the property, as well as some old growth rainforest trees, a few fruit trees, and some cacao.  



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