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March 15, 2004

Tita forks (Puppies!)

Tita and Tasso's Babies

dsaTita had no fewer than seven puppies... She did surprisingly well as a mother, though she did get tired of the whole nursing thing and would sometimes just get up, and walk away, with the puppies still attached... They were, of course, ridiculously cute. Occasionally, one fell in the water and required immediate rescue. Particularly annoying in the middle of the night, in the dark, with no waterproof flashlight handy. 

Kay did a little art project with the puppies before we started giving them away; they were a bit uncomfortable and didn't quite know what was happening, and the resulting painted sheet was a bit spotty, but overall it was worthwhile and a very cute thing to do.

Dozer could not figure out how to efficiently drink from a bowl with 6 other puppy heads in it, so we had to help him along until he got the hang of it. He did, however, know how to hold onto his bottle!

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