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June 02, 2004

A Howler Monkey Climbs into the Boat

Suddenly, Tita and Tasso started barking more aggressively than they had ever barked before. Abelardo was paddling over, telling us that he wanted to introduce as to a new friend... While paddling home that afternoon, he had seen something black moving in the water. He paddled over, and a hand reached over the side of his boat. As he braced his little dugout canoe, a juvenile Howler Monkey climbed into his boat. This is rather unusual; the howlers here are very shy, probably because the are occasionally hunted by humans for food. 

Choni also came over, and we handed the monkey some Papaya.

Unfortunately, this was the only fruit we had, and it was cold from being in the fridge. Little monkey was rather puzzled by the cold fruit, and he was cold to begin with from his long swim.

We think that the whole group swam across the bay to move to the island, and this little guy couldn't make it. Abelardo probably saved his life.

The whole time, the dogs were barking; and definitely scaring our little friend. I love the wary look on his face in this picture. Very human...

It got dark quickly, and little monkey tried to jump in the water, then remembered that water is wet, and held onto both the boat with his hands and the dock with his tail. He did not look quite as human, wet and in the dark. We eventually unwrapped his strong tail, and Abe paddled home with him, setting him free at his destination.

Ever since, he occasionally here a happy reunited group of howler monkeys on the island -- not just on the mainland any more.


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