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September 29, 2006

Colorful Frogs in Tierra Oscura

Here are some pictures of frogs in Tierra Oscura, mostly for the benefit of a researcher from the Smithsonian who was asking about them.

This red one is on Isla Cristobal near the Higueron tree on the property line of Farm #2. People in Cristobal talk of a comon frog they call Blue Jeans frog; I suspect it's similar to my "blue foot" frog, though I have not seen it.

All others I saw on a single hike in July 6, 2005 on the mainland in Tierra Oscura. Other pictures on the hike could be used to figure out exactly where, but I think it was near Heliodoro's house (yes, the victim of the near chainsaw massacre), nearby where Izmael's family has land. There is a beautiful huge bamboo plant nearby, and a cow pasture with many Mayo trees.


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