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December 30, 2005

Squirting Squid

The third time now, there was a squid hanging out in the shallow water at the dock. This time, I decided to play with it. I stuck my finger close to him, and he put out a tentacle and sucked himself onto my finger. Weird feeling. I pulled back a little, and he let go immediately, and swam a few feet away. I followed, put my hand around him, and pulled him out of the water, throwing him onto the little beach a few inches from the water. He almost slid off my hand as I did this... On the beach, he slowly moved back towards to water... he didn't seem too comfortable, but wasn't suffering all that much either. Apparently squids can spend quite a while on land... When I started pulling one of his tentacles a little, he got pissed off and did what squids do -- sprayed some ink towards me.

You can see the drops flying towards my hand. Now if we could only somehow save the ink to make pasta sauce, that would be great...

A few seconds later, he started moving back towards the water, and we let him go. Hopefully he will come back in spite of this semi traumatic experience.


Posted by rick at December 30, 2005 10:20 PM


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