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October 26, 2005

Cow Wrestling in Las Delicias

I didn't take my camera. I should have known better. Always take the camera.

As I arrived on the beach on the Sixaola river to cross back to Chase from Las Delicias Arriba/Los Almacenes, there was a very friendly very drunk hanging out with a more sober, but equally friendly guy. The Drunk Cow Wrestler, or DCW as I shall call him, was about 2/3 through a bottle of Seco (the standard panamanian booze) and offered me some of his "vino de cana".

I declined, and soon after a couple of people showed up with a cow on two ropes. I then got to watch their attempts to make the cow swim across the river. This is where the camera would have been handy. Particularly when DCW got involved. They used a combination of pulling, scaring, and holding the cow to get it towards the water, until it lost its balance and had to swim. It was easy from there.. until they got to the other side, tried to load the animal into a truck, and I got my camera back.

This is where DCW (red shirt) got a chance to show his skills.

It was a miracle that he didn't get hurt. He stuck his hand in various places the I would think would be somewhat sensitive, and at one point, probably for effect, I think he actually kissed the animal. Bizarre.

And I am thinking... how inefficient is this. One cow. 3 guys, a boat, and a truck. To make $300 or so.

As I left, the cow still did not cooperate, even though (or, more likely, because) they cut its ear "so that it would bleed and be nicer". Yeah, right.


Posted by rick at October 26, 2005 04:09 PM