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August 02, 2005

Two weeks in Ontario

Canada seems a rather unusual destination for me, but I really wanted to visit Johanna and Matthias Wandel. Johanna's great Website is one if the reasons I started this one, and I ran into Matthias' Website so many times that I wanted to meet him. Amongst other things, he wrote a library for reading JPEG headers that I used years ago.

Staying at Matthias' house was all about deja vus... This included voltmeters on the kitchen counters (really, I usually keep one handy in the kitchen) and the presence of imported German kleenex (I used to have piles of them because they are really useful, and because they make great padding when packing your suitcases with stuff that gives bored FAA personnel something to talk about at the end of their long day of checking people's luggage).

His book collection contained many of the more obscure books I remember reading, and many I didn't know but need to read.

That's me, pretending to play his famous home made pipe organ.

Staying at Johanna's place was great, too. She's even more fun and interesting in person than I expected from her Website.

The two wonderful weekend trips Johanna and I did are documented on Johanna's Website, and her writing is better than mine, so here I will just post two of the funnier pictures I took on the second weekend, on the epic bear cub collision trip.

This one is probably only funny if you grew up in Germany in the 80s and realize that the area around the Wandels' tourist camp is full of German immigrants.


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