August 13, 2005

Rio Chiguaza, Ecuador

  The Rio Chiguaza (also known as Tuna Chiguaza) flows into the Rio Pastaza at Mama Ibelia's place; the bridge over the Rio Pastaza on the Tena - Macas road. It looked pretty attractive to paddle, and since we had... Read more...

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Rio Rircay, Ecuador

Gustavo, the coolest (and probably only) climber in Ecuador, showed us a couple of rivers near his home town of Cuenca that he thought might be interesting to paddle. One of them was the Rio Rircay, a creek that flows... Read more...

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June 18, 2005

Rio Upano Gorge

The "river of the sacred waterfalls" is hard to get to, but from what we had heard, it was worth the trip. Seldom run, it is a multi day class III and IV trip, partly through a narrow gorge with... Read more...

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